Monday, October 13, 2008

Acne Makeup Can Conceal

Although we all want to prevent acne breakouts on our faces, sometimes we have to address the blemishes we already have. It is good practice to put time and effort into keeping a clear complexion, but it's also good practice to look in the mirror and face the pimples. They are there and they will not simply vanish. Or will they?

Here is where acne makeup comes into play. You did everything you were supposed to do to keep your skin clear. You cleansed, exfoliated and used a good toner. You lightly moisturized without over-saturating your skin. Your pores should be clear and your skin should be glowing. Well, it’s glowing all right, glowing red with acne. Do not despair. Acne makeup can conceal those marks in no time at all.

Applying foundation can be tricky and it becomes even more perplexed when dealing with blemishes. Sometimes using too much acne makeup can make you look worse than you did when your face was bare. We have all seen the pitiful souls who try too hard to cover unsightly pimples. The foundation cakes and dries into a tell-tale clump of acne makeup that sticks out worse than the acne itself.

My mother always said that women should apply foundation sparingly and this general rule is good practice all the way around. This general rule applies to acne makeup as well. Putting more and more product over the problem will inevitably emphasise the initial problem. This turns a little pimple trouble into a major all around face disaster. Keep it clean and you will be amazed at how far a little acne makeup really goes.

Using less foundation will save you money in the long run as well and this is good news. There is more good news for acne makeup enthusiasts. There are beauty products available specifically for women who have blemishes that actually help to clear your complexion. This outstanding acne makeup is a dream-come-true for many of us. It treats the acne as it covers the blemishes. You not only have the benefit of hiding pimples, you also have the benefit of preventing future breakouts.

When it comes to applying foundation, remember that less is best. This includes acne makeup that promises to clear your complexion as it covers. Using less will make your skin look radiant and natural and using the right acne makeup will eventually make your skin naturally radiant.

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